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Premiere for summer opening at Mountain Lodge!

Premiere for summer opening at Mountain Lodge! On June 27th, we open the hotel for residents until September 1. We will also be open during the autumn holidays in week 44. With us you can book a double room with breakfast or half board or rent one of our apartments for 6-8 people. Our restaurant will be open for lunch, coffee and dinner. Visit us with or without an overnight stay this summer!


Mountain Lodge in Stöten offers comfortable accommodation for those who like to stay out in nature but want to live comfortably and enjoy a good meal in the evening. Relax after a hike in our relaxation area with sauna and a warm outdoor pool.

Hike in Sälenfjällen

Sälens highest peak is in Stöten. The hike up to the top gives a nice reward in the form of a fantastic view over the Swedish and Norwegian mountains.

Follow the scooter trail from Soltorget or walk under Långliften up to get to the hiking trails. You start your tour on the hiking trail in Stöten and follow the red crosses towards the top of Granfjället. We suggest you follow the trail to Västra Granfjället and down to Fuluforsmyren via Kungsleden and Granfjällsätern and then take the dirt road back to Stöten. If you want a longer tour, continue north on the Kungsleden and then turn south again.

Another option is to follow the trail towards Närfjällsstugan. Here you can enjoy your packed lunch with a magnificent view of the Norra Transstrandfjällen nature reserve. There are several possibilities for continued hiking if you do not wish to return to Stöten directly. Continue up Stor-Närfjället and at the top you can choose to follow the Sälenringen towards Närsjön via Saldalskojan or turn off towards Orrliden. both hiking trails take you out onto route 66.

Hiking tips

Hiking in Sälen is fantastic - Here there are trails of varying degrees of difficulty and terrain. You choose whether you want to do a day trip or hike for several days. It is important to be prepared if the weather changes or an accident occurs. Follow our tips and take your family or friends on an active holiday this year!

  • In the mountains, the weather changes quickly, so remember to pack clothes for all weathers.
  • The first aid bag! Bandages against blisters and mosquito repellent are a must.
  • Let the adventure take its time, especially if small children are coming along.
  • Bring a good packed lunch and plenty of drinks.
  • Map and compass
  • Don't forget sunscreen and sunglasses

All hiking trails in the area are described here:

Fulufjället National Park

Take a day trip to Fulufjällets National Park, which is 8 km from Stöten. There are various hiking trails where you will be surrounded by beautiful nature. You can also experience the waterfall in Njupeskär and view Old Tjikko - the world's oldest tree with its 9550 years.


The deep groove which has cut into the sandstone layers at the waterfall is a prime example of retrogressive erosion.

A few days around midsummer - at the summer solstice - the sunlight finds its way to the very depths of the waterfall and gives it a magical silver light. But this only occurs in the morning between 3am-5am.

It is a 2 km hike one way to the waterfall.

Cycling adventures in the area

Try the Giro di Stöten! This lovely tour of 85 km takes you to Sälen's village and back on paved roads. Follow road 66 towards Sälen. In Sälen’s village you cycle north on the east side of the Västerda-river towards Fulunäs. In Fulunäs you turn west towards Norway and at the intersection at Stöten’s campsite you turn left towards Stöten. At the t-junction just over a mile after Gör-river, turn left and come back to the lower roundabout in Stöten.

Rörbäcksnäs – a cycling paradise

In Rörbäcksnäs, a 15-minute drive from Stöten, there are 115 km of cross country bike trails to explore. The nine trails of varying degrees of difficulty are well marked and suitable for both the family and the advanced, adventurous cyclist. The cycle paths in Rörbäcksnäs are some of Sweden's best singletracks. 

Read more about the tracks here!



Experiences from the horseback

The mountain stable in Rörbäcksnäs offers horseback riding in a mountain environment in the form of full-day tours, half-day tours, 1-, 2- and 3-hour tours. Book a fantastic mountain experience horseback riding in the nature in a traditional way. There are different tours and the starting point is to provide knowledge and provide knowledge and understanding of the horse's way of communicating. Therefore, it is important to match the right horse with the right rider. The mountain stable is based on the participants' experience and horseback riding habits when they put together a tour. Read more about Fjällstallet here:

Tour riding – Fjällstallet (



Try your luck at fishing!

Adjacent to the Gör river is the "Put & Take" dam, which is filled with rainbow, char and trout all summer. This is a perfect destination for the whole family. Take the opportunity to take a coffee break in the wind shelter and enjoy a quiet day by the pond. The pond can also be easily accessed with a wheelchair or stroller. Here you can see how to get to Stötens Put & Take dam. Här Here you can see how to get to Stötens Put & Take dam. 

Fishing equipment and fishing license

A fishing license is required to fish in the pond. This can be purchased by sending a “Swish” according to instructions on site at the dam or, if you are not a Swedish citizen and don’t have access to Swish, it can be purchased at the reception in Stöten. A fishing license is valid for one rod and up to three fish/day. The card is personal and valid only in the Put & Take dam.

Don't forget to fill in the catch report after you've finished fishing and return it to the mailbox at the dam or to the main reception in Stöten - this way we can continue to spread fishing happiness and make sure everyone can catch a fish!

The slightly more experienced fisherman can try his luck in the Gör river. Here, with a fly or a casting rod, you can experience the feeling of fishing for grayling and trout. The Ersbo fly fishing stretch in Gör river is approximately 2 km long and offers both calm and flowing water. Read more here:

Activities during summer

  • • Fishing (Stöten Camping in Grundforsen)
  • • Paddling (Stöten camping in Grundforsen)
  • • Packraft (More Activities Rörbäcksnäs)
  • • Tour riding (Fjällstallet in Rörbäcksnäs)
  • • Hiking in Fulufjället National Park
  • • Plunge (Närsjön or Flersjön in Norway)
  • • Guided tours and excursions
  • • Berry- and mushroom picking

Welcome to our fantastic mountain world - all year round

Explore Sälenfjällen via the web or download the app to your phone. The app has both a GPS function and offline maps, so you can always see your own position on the map, which can feel safe and secure.

Sälenfjällen at Naturkartan:

Nature map

What is happening in Stöten


Stay up to date on what is happening in Stöten

5 January


BOKA SPORTLOVET 2024! Hög tid att boka inför sportlovet 2024! Vill ni spendera sportlovet i fjällen? På Mountain Lodge kan du välja att bo i både dubbelrum och i lägenhet på hotellet. Vi förmedlar även ett antal fristående stugor som du också finner nära backen och hotellet. Välkommen att boka din vistelse här!  


5 January

Erbjudande halvpension och SPA

Sätt guldkant på vardagen med vårt Halvpensions-paket!   Med detta erbjudande får ni en inkluderande middag varje kväll i vår underbara restaurang, en gratis entré till vårt spa valfri dag under vistelsen samt 50% rabatt på en klassisk massage behandling 50 minuter. I vår relaxavdelning kan du unna dig en skön stund oavsett om det […]


21 December

BODYART träning och Animal Flow

BODYART träning och Animal Flow Beata drivs av att hjälpa människor och jobbar inom äldreomsorg och träning. Hon undervisar i olika träningsformer från gravidgymnastik till CrossFit och på Mountain Lodge Konferensen bjuder hon på BODYART träning och Animal Flow. Dessa pass rör hela kroppen med funktionella övningar, förbättrar styrka, flexibilitet, rörlighet och koordination, och passar […]


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